A journey of self discovery | taught by James Layton

Course description

Soul Matters Stage 1 is a journey of self discovery which will help you understand a whole lot more about why you act, think and feel the way you do.

This course will help you...

  • Connect the dots between your behaviour and your life story.
  • Challenge and change what you believe about yourself in order to chart a course for genuine growth.
  • Gain curiosity about your inner world, and its ‘emotional infrastructure’.
  • Help you understand why self awareness is the catalyst for all personal growth. (You can’t change what you’re not aware of)
  • Learn how owning your own stuff is the doorway to self awareness.
  • Explore why your life is the sum total of what you consciously or subconsciously believe about yourself.
  • Identify unhealthy patterns of behaviour and emotional dependency, that are affecting your quality of life.
  • Embrace authenticity and who you really are
  • Learn the power of 'Emo-diversity'.

  • And will take you...

  • From an Entitled perspective to an Empowered perspective.
  • From Embarrassing behaviour to Enriched behaviour.
  • From an Exhausting presence to an Enlightening presence.
James Layton
James Layton

James is not a psychologist, nor is he some kind of Guru sitting on a mountaintop promising elusive change. He's an everyday person just like you, who’s done some hard work in the emotional arena.

Everything he teaches he's learned from his own journey, which has been a process of understanding himself first.

James has been facilitating the Soul Matters course via group workshops over the last 5 years, and his material has enabled hundreds of people to connect with themselves in a much deeper way.

As well as being a facilitator, James is also an emotional health coach and public speaker.

James' gift is that he can take concepts usually reserved for high level practitioners and break them down into bite sized, easy to understand ideas and useful tools for other everyday people just like himself.

So you could say James is more like a tour guide who takes you on a sightseeing tour of a new city, helping you explore your internal infrastructure, challenging you to investigate what you see.

Known for his his authenticity, relaxed communication style, and quirky sense of humour James will make you feel at ease with his gentle approach to self-discovery.

James is passionate about you living a free and authentic life, and has a unique ability to help you connect the dots between your life experiences, and the stories you’ve been telling yourself to give meaning to those experiences.

James also owns one of Australia’s largest children’s bookselling businesses called Learning Discovery.

He is husband to Annie, and father to three extraordinary young adults Elly, Josie and Tristan.

To top this off, James thinks he’s not half a bad cook either!